Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Week's Excitement

Hello anyone in Blogland that still reads my posts! I have been running my buns off since the last time we talked, training for my next half-marathon on May 4th. Well, I was, right up until I caught the plague/trifecta of ear infection, sinus infection, and bronchitis that has been kicking my ass for the past 2 weeks....I am slowly coming back from that, and hope to be able to start running again next week. Before I got sick, I was up to six miles at a time, running on the treadmill while watching The Biggest Loser. I guess the one benefit of being sick has been that I have plenty of back episodes on Hulu to watch when I get moving again!

And as you all know, I work almost non-stop being a Crisis Mental Health Counselor, as well as a counselor for the local jail, and have been getting things set up for some trainings we'll be doing throughout the year for local law enforcement (Crisis Intervention Team trainings, Advanced CIT, info on Veteran's issues, and a really cool simulation training called Hearing Voices, which is supposed to help show people what it is like to have symptoms of schizophrenia). And I have set up the program with our community center to provide memberships to clients of our agency that deal with significant mental health issues, since it's expensive to join the gym and a lot of our people are on fixed incomes and also have concurrent medical concerns. So, yeah, I'm a busy girl.

I am actually getting ready to head to the jail here soon...

The excitement for this week is that I am going to the Arnold Classic Expo tomorrow in Columbus. And while I'm there, I get to try Zumba, maybe do some Pilates or Yoga, watch cheerleading and gymnastics competitions, meet bodybuilders and MMA fighters, and lots of other stuff...I have never been to it but I am geekily excited!!! So excited that I might get to meet The Governator!!
I'll keep y'all updated on my famous-people sightings, and try and take some pics so you can see it too!)