Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bunch of News

Hello all,
Just another quick post (turns out my last post was October 5th....seems I've been slacking on the blogging...oops! In other news, work work working sucks!!!) Anywhoo, I don't know that I've blogged since I got my new Garmin, but I must say it is the most amazing running purchase (other than my shoes) that I've ever made!!
I love it! I've noticed that I head out running too fast (surprise surprise)...I can pretty much maintain 12-12:30 if I start slow, but most of the time I'll look down and be more towards 11 or less (which is good, but not to maintain at right now...) So Garmin's making me slow down. Not soon enough though, since today at about mile 2.5 I started having some pain in my right hip. I stopped and walked, and stretched. And walked and stretched...but I also completed the longest run I've done so far, which brings us to:
THE CUPCAKE CLASSIC 3.7 in celebration of Jess' birthday!
 I had planned to roll this race into another 5k that was happening in the area, but I was a lazy bum and didn't get out of bed on time (yes, I know sleeping in is nice. Oversleeping a 12 noon alarm=not so nice.) So I went out on my own, on the bike path just outside of town. Amazing weather, just cool enough to appreciate long sleeves, but warm enough to not freeze in the running capri's. I decided recently to revisit some music from my 'younger' days, so I put on Hole's 'Live Through This' album and took off.
I just tried to link my run from Garmin Training Center to here. Obviously not a success, but here is the stuff anyway:
Overall total for 3.7 miles--48:36, average of 13:08 pace/mile.
Mile 1=11:53
Mile 2= 12:41
Mile 3=13:48
Mile .7=14.39
So's you can see where things started going downhill with the bum hip....(Can I get an 'Ice that Hip?' How's about a 'Roll that Hip?')
So obviously I have work to do, but for today I am happy. And wishing a happy happy birthday to Jess!
I really love the Virtual Races that people are putting out there! Kiley at Daily Vitamin F will be having multiple upcoming Holiday Virtual Races that I'm pumped for!
To finish up this long overdue post, I will share with you my most proud moment of the running season so far:
Post Warrior Dash Amazement
And you're welcome for all of the random.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Quick Note

Hello all! Just wanted to do a quick update since it's been a couple weeks.
  1. I just signed up to do a virtual race for Run With Jess' birthday! It is a 3.7 mile virtual race, in honor of her 37th birthday (and in honor of cupcakes-yum!)   It's going on the week of October 17-23rd, and I think everyone should go sign up! Running, birthdays, and cupcakes--doesn't get much better. My birthday is the week before (I'll be the Big 33), and I'm thinking pumpkin muffins will be in order...
  2. Got the Garmin, and I think I'm in love. We'll be getting married in the near future. Watch the mailbox for your invite...
  3. As a direct result of the Garms, I managed to run a 12-something average. I caught myself many times pushing it in the 11's, and was able to slow myself down so I did much less walking! Hello, endurance, nice to finally start meeting up with you...
  4. OMG--I forgot to tell you guys I graduated! (from physical therapy, that is). I went back after vacation, and the chiro said I'm good and only need to come back if things start acting up!! Finally I am going to be able to put this car-accident stuff  behind me!
  5. Can't remember if I mentioned it, but I am planning to run a 10k with my sister-in-law in May 2012--I know I have a boatload of time to work up to it, but big bro just sent me the email that they'd signed up (and hotel arrangements), so I can get everything in line. (Hmmm, do I overplan? Yes. Yes I do.) Cincinnati Flying Pig 10k, here I come.
There are a few other 5k's coming up in the next few months that I'm fitting into my schedule. I'll keep you updated....besides that, work's been stressful and non-stop, and I've been loving it--sometimes it's just nice to get home from work and fall into bed. Feels like I'm doing some people some good....

And even though I haven't been posting, I have been creep-stalking all of you, and am so inspired by the great things everyone's doing this summer/fall. Love love love hearing about your runs and races! (and everything else)


Friday, September 23, 2011

Home from Vacation!!

Hello everybody! The last time I posted, I was getting ready to go to Myrtle Beach for a family vacation--yes, the family vacation that included my strange family set-up. We had 2 condos, and in condo #1, it was my dad and stepmom, and her son and his girlfriend (both awesome and hilaaaarious!!!), and in condo #2, it was my big brother and sister-in-law, my mother, and myself. My baby brother didn't come this year, since he and his wife just had their baby a couple months ago.
The cutest munchkin ever!!!
So yes, the family vacation....An entire week of hanging out with the coolest people ever, and every time we get together, it's like a comedy club--the whole family is freaking hilarious, so every day (usually before 9am) my face and abs would be aching from laughing so hard!

There are some major highlights of this vacation:
Not sure if this will play right, but it was the beach when we first got there, the most peaceful sound and sight in the world as far as I'm concerned.

Second, this was the first time I've run with anyone else. Big brother, sister-in-law, and I ran in North Myrtle Beach's Beach Sweep 5k on Saturday, September 17th. I initially thought that we'd be running on a boardwalk or something. Surprise of all surprises, we ended up running along the beach, in the sand, with the tide rolling in (or out? never really did figure that out, just that it was gorgeous!)...So, first time running with people, first time running in sand, and  FIRST TIME RUNNING IN THE VICINITY OF SOMEONE WITH A GARMIN!!!! Can I just say a few things about all of these firsts: 1. I loved running with my bro and sis-in-law! They kept pace with me, which was cool, and we talked the whole time and I only walked twice, very briefly. It really passed the time and made it seem like so much less effort!! 2. Running in the sand is different. Not harder or easier, just different. Luckily, we were running on a harder, packed sand (unlike later in the week run on soft sand, which is much harder!!) and 3. THE GARMIN IS FLIPPING AMAZING!! My brother wore his that I'd gotten him earlier this year, and it really kept me going-he'd tell me how much time I had left for each mile in order to PR!
Sis-in-law, bro, and me before Beach Sweep 5k
AND IN CASE ANYONE WAS WONDERING--I PR'D, AND IT WAS MY BEST SINCE I STARTED RUNNING!!! I think we can all remember that I was doing really well (in my humble opinion) with running prior to my car accident:
Janked-up old car
In my first 5k, I was at 40+, and after the accident, my best was 43+. Since then I have been working it out, slow and steady just trying to keep moving. So (TAA-DAAAH!) my PR at the Beach Sweep 5k was 39:45, which is @ 12:49 minute/mile (and I've been up in the 14+ range)!!!! I am so stinkin' proud of myself! So cool too, to get to share that with my family!
A couple days later, I took the Garmin out for a spin by myself, and ran on the beach 1.5miles in 20:45 (@13:51m/m) in midday heat (from the condo to the pier and back). And promptly went back to the room and ordered MY GARMIN FORERUNNER 305!!!

Hopefully this will take you to a link....
 So I am waiting (not so) patiently for a sweet little package from Amazon that I am soo excited about!!!!
Other fun vacation things:

From the Apache Pier, looking towards the condos--ours was the 4th one--gray and white--Wyndham Seawatch Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC

Apache Pier

Sexy, huh? Mid-way through daytime run, gettin' my tan on

At least I don't look scary in this one...too much!!
 And when I was gone, I got two things at home waiting for me!
1. ChiRunning video
To try and keep my back in good shape (and there was a discount through Schwaggle!)
where i got this 
2. FLEAS----GRRR!!! As soon as I got home this morning, at 6am and after driving all night, I came home to fleas, so I had to go out, drive to WalMart, get flea shampoo and spray,and  flea collar for the cat, come home, spray the house down, bathe the dogs, vacuum everything, and do laundry all day!!! And amazingly, I am still glad to be back...


Monday, September 12, 2011

Almost Vacay Time!

In 3, count 'em 3 days, I will be leaving Ohio for the warm sandy beaches of Myrtle Beach, for a week-long family vacation! I cannot tell you how excited I am to go, and to spend that time with my family, but geesh! there is a lot of planning to do still...
I have to get books to read on the beach, finish cleaning and packing, meet the dog-walker-lady, work at work, work at the jail, shop for food to take, and on and on. I feel like I've been going nonstop!

On Saturday (the 17th, I think) I will be running my first 5k with anyone besides myself. I think I've mentioned that none of my friends that live here run, so I have not had a 'buddy' to go with. I had joined the Facebook group for the local running club, hoping to do some group runs, and it turns out that most of those happen at 5:30am (not a bad thing, just interferes with work, like leaving me hanging around work 2 hours early...NO THANKS!)....
Anyway, I I will be doing this 5k with my brother and sister-in-law. So far none of the other family members have agreed to do it. I don't remember if I've said this before, but one of the reasons I started running was because my brother *CHALLENGED* me to run a family 5k on the family vacay. That was at Thanksgiving, and I started running in December. I am super-excited to run WITH other people (or at least have someone to come back and run me in!)

And in fantastic news: The Chiropractor doesn't need to see me for 2 more weeks, and is going to "wean" me from intensive physical therapy! He wants me back to doing my normal workouts. So I will be *KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES* (I did my gym rotation last week--35 minutes on the treadmill, 30 minutes on the elliptical, and 25 on the recumbent bike; over the weekend I weedwhacked the whole yard and did a few rounds of resistance band exercises. Hoo-rah!) And I only hurt a little bit the next day.

Good luck on your upcoming fall races!!! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Alive and Kickin'!!

I have not written about my life in the past month because, well, I've been depressed with the whole "things I can't do yet since the car accident." I feel over-dramatic even posting this, since it's only whiplash and will get better. Things have been very 'blah' for me---going to the chiropractor, coming home from there, going to work, coming home from work, dogs dogs dogs dogs...well, OK, so the dog part is never 'blah' but the rest is. So I have not wanted to bore anyone with that.
But things are looking up! I recently ran my first 5k since the accident--the Columbus Humane Society's Defend Your Friend 5K (OK, it was really the same day as my last post!) to benefit the Cruelty Investigations Unit. I think there were about 300 people there, and a bunch of dogs. It was about 90 degrees out with ridiculous humidity--at one point I was following a woman that was carrying her collie and running because it was too hot for the dog!
Sweaty and dying at the end of the race! I hate how red I get!

I'll be honest, I was mostly miserable because of the heat, and because of a lot of tightness in my right hip (I think that because my back's still a little off, my muscles are working in ways they haven't had to), and I ended up finishing at 43:00 exactly, which I was happy with (mostly because it was DONE and there was ice-cold water at the end). One really cool thing about this one was that it was an out-and-back, and there were 2 water tables, so really it ended up being 4, which was great with the heat. Since then, I have been going to the gym and running after work every couple of days or at home on the treadmill.
Day 1 workout

Day 2 workout

I also went to visit a bunch of the girls I went to college with at the annual get-together--we did not get pictures this year, so here is a picture of Bella, very proud of herself after busting a kid's float-ring:

"Look Mom, I killed it!!"
While visiting the girls, I took one of the dogs for a 2 mile run, and I didn't time it, but I know we went faster than normal for me--he was just having so much fun, I didn't want to slow down unless I had to! So overall, I feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things.
And two weeks from now, I will be running a 5k with my older brother and his wife to kick off the Annual Family Vacation at Myrtle Beach. This will be my first time running with them (or anyone, for that matter!) and I am super-excited! I'm working on catching up with everyone's blogs too!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short and Sweet

But enough about me....haha! Ok, lame jokes aside (for now), here is a quick update for all of you that've been waiting on the edge of your seats to see what I've been up to....Ok, lame jokes aside for real....I have not been posting much because I haven't been doing anything active. My back is still jacked up from the car accident, though it is getting better with chiropractic care and physical therapy. Yesterday was the first day I've been able to take the dogs for a walk even! (Don't worry, we play in the house pretty constantly, since they  won't take no for an answer and just keep bringing me toys or barking until I get up to play, so they've been getting their workouts in, and we just went for another walk a few minutes ago)
Today, though. TODAY I AM DRIVING TO COLUMBUS TO RUN/WALK A 5K!!!! I got the OK from the Chiro yesterday, with strict instructions to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and warm up for 30 minutes prior to the start, and to stop running if my back or neck starts hurting. I also have to take ice packs in the cooler to ice my back and neck when I'm done (which should go over great, since I'm meeting someone out for drinks...ah, well, if they can't hang with me when I'm hurt, they shouldn't hang with me at all, right??) So I'll let you know how it goes.
The 5K is called the Defend Your Friends 5K, and it benefits the Columbus Humane Society's Cruelty Investigations Unit. I don't know if you've noticed that I'm kind of obsessed with there will be dogs there and people running with their dogs (mine are a little wild for that kind of event). I figure if I have to walk, I'll just pick a dog I like and try to stay close to it. I plan to run though. I'm craving it, just the movement and the feeling. I find myself getting jealous every time I drive past someone that is running, and cursing the guy that hit me and made it so I couldn't. Maybe I needed this mandated break though, to realize how much it actually benefits me and how much I enjoy least that's what I'll tell myself!
Wish me luck! I'll be thinking about all of you and your support!!
And because I'd hate to leave you hanging, here is a picture of my bff since High School and I, drinking margaritas last week. I tell you, we get together and have soooo much fun (we call it "The Nikki and Marge Show" and it gets pretty crazy!)
Yes, that is my cheesy face and fancy pinkie-finger drinking style. Try not to be jealous!!
off to my run!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whirlwind past 2 weeks

Hey folks, long time, no me! This has been the craziest and most stressful couple of weeks I've had in a long time, with my nephew being born, then the car accident the day after, then fighting with their insurance company, getting treatment for MY injuries, and finding a replacement car. Oh, yeah, and working a high stress/high responsibility job on top of that.
All that crazy = no time for blogging. So I'll do a photo montage to show the progress:
Is he not the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world?
This photo was taken shortly after he got home, and let me quote my (amazing) brother, "I am so proud of her (wife) and he has made us both so happy." I've said it before and will say it again, my brother is an awesome father!
Jacked up car
The arguing with the 'drive into my backseat' guy's insurance has been horrible. They took my rental car yesterday, leaving me nothing to drive (and I drive a whole lot for work, since I'm on the *mobile* crisis team) and not yet sending me a check to cover my car....Fortunately for me (and amazingly, I might add) my older brother and his wife gifted me some cash to help replace the car, and my dad was willing to front me a little more so I could try to replace it without missing too much work. So we fast forward to yesterday, which was a long and boiling hot day of used car shopping (my dad gets this gleam in his eye, I swear it's like he's a junkie getting a fix) with a couple of crap cars, leading to the most ultimate--my new (to me) car!! A 2004 Suzuki Verona, black, tinted windows, loaded! I swear, it's like a little old man car--it even has a change drawer in the dashboard by the wheel!! It's really nice and has low mileage, and, boy it's pretty!!
And it's mine!!
Finally, the whiplash is getting better by degrees. I can move my neck now, but don't have full range of motion. The chiropractor is something else--I'd never been before, and it's turning out to be such a great idea--my spine is a little 'wavy' but he's putting me back in line and it's working!! And they're doing electrical stimulation of the muscles and a 'deep tissue massage' kind of thing with a back massage machine. Once things are less jacked-up, I will start physical therapy to strengthen everything. So three days a week for the next 3 weeks, I will be getting my back worked on. I still hurt though, and some days are worse than others, so I still sometimes look like this:
Admit it, you chuckled a little. I know I did!!
Last but not least, work....I think there is something about the heat that makes people's medications less effective. It seems like the very sick people are VERY SICK. I'm having to hospitalize a lot of people, both voluntary and involuntary, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down like it has in past years. Other people can't afford the medications that they need to stay stable. Whatever it is, it makes for very high stress work for me (I've gotten screamed at and threatened a lot lately, not fun).
HOWEVER--I did just get a voice mail from my boss telling me that I've been given a raise in my salary for picking up extra work and becoming the Jail Diversion Coordinator (I work with cops to divert people with mental illness from jail and into mental health treatment, and train officers to identify and work will individuals with acute mental illness). It is very nice to feel like I'm being acknowledged for the work I've been putting in...
On that note, I'm off to find something to eat, then put on a swimsuit and go sit by the pool and relax for the first time in a couple weeks. PS, I will be talking to the chiropractor on Monday about how soon I can start running again. I find myself being very jealous when I see other people running, knowing I can't right now....but I have another 5k coming up in a couple weeks, and I'd love to run at least part of it!!

Thanks for the ongoing support guys!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Week in Update: The Good, The Bad, and the Amazing

The Good: I know, I know, I have been a bad little blogger this past week or so, but once I tell you why you may forgive me (or at least understand what I've been up against!) The last anyone heard of me, I had just run another 5k in Nelsonville. I found out that my time was 40:02, so I only ended up improving 15 seconds, rather than the minute or two that I thought. But whatever, 15 seconds is 15 seconds, and I had a great time with the 5k...It will not be my last, by any means. In fact, I will be doing another on August 18th in Columbus, called the Defend Your Friends 5k--the money raised goes to benefit the Columbus Area Humane Society Cruelty Investigations Unit. I could not have picked a better race to be a part of--it is another fun run/dog run, so there will be lots of doggies to watch and take photos of! I've always been passionate about the safety of animals, so I'm glad to be participating, even though it starts at 7pm and will likely be HOT HOT HOT!!

The Bad: One of the reasons that I have been missing from the blog world is that I was in a car accident. I was stopped in traffic (not that traffic gets bad around this small town, but there is the requisite 9am, 12 noon, and 5pm slowdown) on my way to work at  9am, when I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed that the car behind me was not slowing down!! So this 80-something year old man ends up plowing into the back of my car:

I had just paid the car off a couple months ago (my first car that I paid for all on my own too). To top it off, the man that hit me finished our conversation, not with "I'm sorry.." but with "If I were 30 years younger, I'd be asking you for a date.." WTF????? Are you kidding me?? This man just totaled my car, and has the gall to hit on me!!! Such is my life....

The Awesome: My little brother called me last Sunday to tell me that his wife's water had broken and she was in labor!! Two weeks early, but (and this was before the car accident) I was so excited!! I got my work shift covered, and drove the 3 hour drive to get to the hospital. I met up with my mom, and some of Sis-In-Law's family, and settled in for the night. At about 3:30 or 4am, my nephew Warren was born (via emergency C-Section because the labor was not progressing the way they'd have liked), and he is by far one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life:
Just minutes old

Does it get any more amazing?
I got to hold him just after he was born, and OMG it is an awesome feeling. My brother was so proud and nervous and in love. It was great to watch....

So now you have it, the good, the bad, and the amazing--all the reasons I've been absent from bloggy-land for awhile....I will let you all know how my car shopping goes, since I have to replace my other one (thanks 80-something year old creeper)....I will let you know how running goes too....I'm scared to do anything until I see the chiropractor tomorrow to get things put back in line. Either way, walking or running, I will be doing the Defend Your Friends 5k on August 18th!!!
I hope to catch up on reading your blogs this week too--depends on how that car-shopping goes!! Miss you all!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cam and Sue's Cancer Sucks 5k

I was so excited a few weeks back to see that there was going to be a 5k here in Nelsonville, the tiny town I live in, and the fact that it was a CANCER SUCKS benefit made it even better! So I signed up and was looking forward to running a race WITHOUT having to leave home at 6am to get there in time.....fastforward to this past week, and my body decides to get bronchitis. Well, I started feeling bad during my overnight shift on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday at work were both so busy that I was finally getting dinner at 9-10pm instead of normal times because I had constant prescreens, and I was sucking down cold medicine to try and keep my fever, chills, and cough under control....Why didn't I call off, you ask? Well, the way the Crisis Team is set up, if I need to take sick time, I have to be able to find someone to cover my shift. It was too busy to even make those phone calls to try to find coverage, and I didn't feel THAT bad after snowing myself with medicine, so I just plugged away.
So Friday night I had a fever of 101 when I got home from work, and decided that if I still had a fever Saturday morning I would not run (I know the "above the neck, run, below the neck, don't" wisdom, and it could have gone either way, since the bronchitis was just settling into my chest at that point)....So I checked my temp Saturday, and it was 96.7 (come to find out, the thermometer is broken, hahaha) so I decided to go for it!!
I could not have asked for better weather! It was cloudy, initially cool, and had a slight breeze, so it felt good! I only had a little bit of a cough and took some cold medicine before heading out to the site--a whole 5 miles from home (yes, I drove. I am not advanced enough to run the 5 miles there, then race, then make it back home without dying. Yet anyway...) There were about 300 people there, ranging from little kids to older adults, and one girl even brought her dog! All the money made was donated to Leukemia research, and I signed up to run in memory of a girl that passed away while we were in elementary school....
I'm in the green shorts, this is at the start
The course had one hill that was not too bad, and was about half run on the road and half on the bike path. I ran more than I walked, and felt a lot stronger than my first 5k (when I felt like I was dying almost the entire time!) My music choices for this race were different than normal--I decided to make a hard-rock mix of stuff from my favorite hair-metal bands growing up--a lot of Metallica, Skid Row, and (try not to laugh) Meatloaf (only from his Bat Outta Hell album, since I don't like anything he's done since then, haha). In retrospect, I could have added some Motley Crue, Poison, and Def Leppard to the mix, and probably will for future runs, but what I had worked...
Less than  a mile in, a second or two before my headband wore its way off my head!!
At the first mile, they told me I was at 12: something, which is good for me. The water stop was at mile two. And running in to finish, I missed what the time was (and it's not posted anywhere on the facebook page for the race) but I know they switched to 40 minutes shortly after I got through, so I know I knocked at least 1 minute off my time, likely about 2 minutes, since the first 5k I did the end of May (and about 10 minutes off of my Warrior Dash time)....I have no delusions that I'm a speed-ster, but I am awfully proud of myself for improving!
Coming into the finish line
The race was such a success that the family has already set a date for next year's run, which will be 'The Second Annual Cam and Sue's Cancer Sucks 5k.' So there's another local one to look forward to (and hopefully not have bronchitis for!!) And by then, who knows how much faster I'll be!!
Now I'll just settle in to ride out the illness so I can get back to working out, running, and having fun!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's almost time!!

I am living in a constant state of semi-anxiety lately--not for any bad reasons, I promise! My baby brother (you all can laugh, he's going to be 31 next month, lol) and his wife are getting ready to have their first baby! My first nephew (and my mom's first grandchild) is due to come into the world on August 5th. So, really, in the next few weeks, sis-in-law could go into labor at any time.....I am excited to be an aunt, and I know my big brother is excited--for example, I got to his house to meet up with the fam to head to the baby shower, and heard him saying something along the lines of, "....and then they need to have a girl next, so I can buy a pony and she will have to come to my house to ride the pony...." WTF big bro? They haven't even had the first one!! And big bro and his wife aren't having kids, so it's like he's hitching his pony-dreams on baby brother--It is very cool to see both brothers embrace this. My dad is super-excited, I'm not sure about my step-mom, and my mom is over the moon about it--she made me find out what hospital, then look up hotels around the hospital so we can go when labor starts (or whenever he calls us) since we both live about 3 hours from them.....
I know that baby brother is going to be a great father (he's already a great husband!) Any way, my nephew will be Warren S. and will be here NOT SOON ENOUGH!
(The only sucky part about this is that ALL of the family is now saying, "so when are you going to have one? your clock's ticking, you don't have much time, etc etc etc..." What do you say to that that doesn't scream "WTH people!" Not so much fun to be the only daughter, unmarried and unattached in this situation--weirdly enough, my mom asked me initially if I was 'upset' that it wasn't me having a baby!!!! I responded with a very respectful, "Back up off that crack pipe, Mom!")
All joking aside, despite the awkward conversations about me that Warren's birth will bring, I am also over-the-moon about having a new baby in the family. And so proud to see my brother (both of them really) be the kind of dad they both wanted to have--my eyes are getting misty just thinking about it.

And since I don't have any good family photos, I will leave you with a pic of BooBoo. And keep you updated on the baby!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

So Much Fun!!

So I realize that my last post was a Debby Downer, so this time I will tell you about what's going awesome!! First, I took my bicycle in to the bike shop the other day to have it checked out and make sure it was road-ready. Earlier this year, my basement flooded, and the bike had been down there, so I wanted to make sure that the tires and breaks and gears and everything were still ok....and they were!! (Tires needed inflated, computer needed a new battery). So today, I got the battery for the computer--that was a bust. I'm not sure if Kroger sold me a dead battery, or if the computer is Kaput....I'll get another battery later and find out, but either way, despite working the overnight shift last night and being up since 5am, I got a crazy feeling and decided to go tool around town on the bike...

I FORGOT HOW MUCH FUN I HAVE JUST RIDING AROUND!!! I ended up riding about 3-4 miles in my little town (only had one person try to hit me, hahaha), trying to remember to smile with my mouth closed so I didn't eat bugs (not so successful, but hey, it's protein right??) I spent some of the time apologizing to my butt for not having padded shorts, and more time than that apologizing to my boobs for not thinking to put on a sports bra---won't be making THAT mistake again!! (Most of the streets in town are brick, not very, um, forgiving in those area!)

Before the biking, I walked the dogs about 1 1/2 miles around town for their usual "hot weather" shorter walk--they're so big they overheat easily, and Abby won't drink out of the doggie water bottle
How rude!
So that is my day so far--I am so glad that I got out on the bike, and I plan to get out and get some time in tomorrow too (maybe after a run?)
Plans for the rest of the day: mow and weedwhack the lawn, chop all fruits and veggies, boil a butt-load of eggs (Bella has to have 1 egg white at each meal, so I boil them up a couple dozen at a time--it's something to do with her kidney issue. She also gets a tablespoon-ish of plain yogurt at each meal. In addition to a couple blood pressure meds) (And, yes Kroger, I do want to pay THAT MUCH for the dog meds, jeesh!! Stop asking me!) At some point I should nap, but will more likely go to my friend's house and lay out and play in her pool while she's at work--and it's entirely possible that, somewhere in there I will break into my Bud Light Lime stash and get a little tipsy. Gosh darn it, I've earned it this week with work!!!!
And just for you guys, I want to share a little tidbit that I learned at work this week--apparently, there are people around here that are looking for innovative ways to get high (after heroin, oxycontin, other opiates, cocaine, you know, the usual ways people get high). I learned that there are people that have been trying to get high by giving themselves......(wait for it)......
 TABASCO SAUCE ENEMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not freaking believe that (and I don't think the person got high, or at least not like they had hoped! EEK!) Try not to hate me for sharing, but it's just one of those things you can't keep to yourself!

So on that disturbing note, I've got some grass to mow and some weeds to whack!! Good luck on any runs and/or other workouts you have planned! Keep cool!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I've been dragging my feet on doing this posting, mainly because it means I have to get serious about how much I have been slacking. I have been doing myself a real disservice lately. It seems like, after Warrior Dash (which was the last race/event I did) I dropped back on  running and working out, like I didn't have anything specific motivating me to keep on going. I know this is not really the case, since I do want to feel good and be active, but I really just let myself down. So I've been avoiding facing up to that.
I have been doing some physical stuff, like when I'm at my friend's house, I run in her pool for twenty minutes or so at a time, so in addition to the running I am doing, I am keeping up somewhat on my stamina for cardio.

I think the hardest thing for me this past month was that my doctor had me taking extra hormones (yeah, like they had me on medicine for menopause, long story). My eating habits got out of control (why in the world do they make Goldfish crackers taste so good? It should be criminal.) and my body just felt different. I hope that being off of the artificial hormones this month will help me get back to where I was activity and eating-wise.

I have a 5k coming up in 2 weekends and my goal is to run the whole thing. I'm making a playlist with hard rock songs (think older Metallica, other hair bands, etc) to keep my legs moving. Any song suggestions?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hello guys! I am sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but really I didn't want to be blamed for boring anyone to death....this is not me being hard on myself, really. It's a reality--I work a lot.
This past week or so I've been sick, and on Tuesday I actually went to bed at 6pm and got up the next day for work at 8am...So really, there's not much new and exciting.
I ran on the treadmill today in the living room, thinking at least I'll be next to the window a/c for a breeze! I also wore my Forever21 running skirt for the first time (I won a gift card in a giveaway a month or so ago at Run On)

So here's the goods. Apparently, my 32 year old butt was not made for a Forever21 running skirt! I'd like to think that most running skirts have compression shorts underneath that are just a bit longer than BOYSHORTS like the ones I got! I mean, seriously, I am really glad I ran at home because I might have gotten arrested for the secrets I was telling!!!! And the actual skirt part made me look just a little like I was going out with the Jersey Shore cast--no flare, just straight up booty-skirt!! 
But, thanks to Hulu, I got to show my real age and watch 'Make it or Break it,' so I actually was on the treadmill with my run/walk combo for the full 40+ minutes of the show.....I'm not sure what I'll do when I get to the end of the series, but I am glad that despite the teenager living in my body I am maturing in the running area. I didn't think I could last for that long! And next time will either be longer or faster (or both, but I'm just focused right now on gaining stamina and strength)....up next: TOTAL DOMINATION!
In addition to the tready, I also mowed the lawn earlier, then was able to get the dogs partway through our walk before the skies opened up and just poured. I have to admit, I actually enjoy walking or running in the rain. I thought the dogs did too, but surprise of all surprises, I have wussy dogs, and they started ducking, cowering, and backing up when the rain started, so we stood in a little alcove while it rained so they wouldn't get their little princess feet wet....
They'll get in a nasty lake, but won't walk in the rain, losers!
When the rain COMPLETELY STOPPED, they decided it would be okay to prance home, of course jumping in all the puddles....Anyone else's dogs so ridiculous? 

And one last thought, I found a 5k that's going on IN MY TOWN July 16th (I think), which is awesome on a few counts:
1. It is only in a few weeks.
2. It is in my town, which is unheard of because I have had to drive at least an hour to get to the other ones I've done.
3. It is actually on a day off, so I don't have to find anyone to cover my shift at work.
and the big one
4. It is a Cancer Sucks! run (and a local benefit).
I am hoping that I meet other people in this area with similar interests, since I don't know if I've mentioned it, but none of my local friends are runners....

So onto my next feat:
Go get plumbing supplies and fix the toilet....Told you I'm boring!!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Warrior Dash--A Photo Montage....

So I've been MIA again for the past week--let me tell you, I worked about 70 hours this week, and in Crisis Mental Health it's usually either really slow or completely overwhelmingly busy. This week was completely overwhelmingly busy--I've noticed over the years that each time the seasons change, a lot of people get sick. Specifically, It seems that in the Spring/Summer change, people with Bipolar often swing to Mania, and people with psychotic disorders often become more psychotic (hallucinations, delusions, etc)...In addition, there is a HUGE problem in this area (and everywhere, I'm sure) with opiate addiction, and having or not having the drug is always a problem (OD's, Withdrawal, minimal access to treatment due to funding issues, etc). So for the past week, it's been overwhelmingly busy. I've had time to go to work, come home, take care of the dogs, and go to bed for a few hours (if I'm lucky) so I can go back the next day!! So I had not had a chance to run until was 2 miles in 23:58 (just under a 12 m/m) and felt good. My muscles are kind of tight, so I'll probably roll them out later with my NEW FOAM ROLLER!!! (thank you WallyWorld for getting one in stock!)

So now, onto the photo montage from June 4, 2011 Warrior Dash in Logan, OH!

Getting ready after registration
Putting on the eye blacks--Thanks Mom!

There's that damn gun show again!

You know you want to be my friend

You can't resist my coolness!
This was sparkly too! Like whoa!

My go-to race signal

What's creepier, a molestache or a 'happy trail'?? YOU DECIDE

These girls seemed to like the suspenders too!
Yep, that's me heading to start!

I was part-monkey on this, for real....the guy in blue next to me couldn't keep up

And over

And down (notice guy in blue just getting over now)

Here, my mom yelled, "You're almost to the beer, Marge!!"
"Am I gonna burn my ass?"

This is by far the coolest photo they got of me! "I believe I can fly..."
And into the mud (which is thicker than it looks!!)

I got stuck for a minute!
And on to the finish! Total time 49:47 for 3.1 miles

Charlotte made a sign and everyone signed it!
My bff Charlotte

Post-race, pre-fire hose spray down


Double fisting the Bud Light, with the Warrior Dash stein that holds 3 by itself!!

Probably the best pic I've taken in the past 5 years, for real!

The back of the shirts we got

And now some random pics::
Girl power

Best real-time warrior ever!!

The Pink Ladies

Mmmm, turkey legs

The king likes his turkey too

Lots of loin cloths
Again, I will say--I had such a great time with this race. It was challenging and exciting, and the vibe of the crowd was great! Can't wait to make this a regular thing in my running career!!!

Thanks guys!