Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Arnold Classic Recap, and Tuesday Excitement

Hey all! So I mentioned last time that I was planning to go spend a day at The Arnold Classic and see a bunch of sporting activities....So I will tell you that overall I had a good time, and spent the day walking around the Expo, watching various sporting events, and being severely grossed out (more about that in a minute)...
I went with the boyfriend, and we met up with some of his friends up there. Now let me clarify a little tidbit about myself. I tend to tweak out a bit in big crowds of people. I have been know to pitch a bitch-fit and have to leave immediately before having full-blown panic attacks and feeling like I'm being suffocated. So of course the boyfriend was thrilled to have me accompany him, knowing I might go off at any moment. Needless to say, we drove separately from everyone else, just in case I needed to make a quick getaway for my sanity.
When we first got there, it was just a madhouse of obscenely muscled people with extreme fake tans (which apparently helps the judges to see the muscles better on stage, but just looks like a horrible mixture of orange and purple, and some were so bad I was sure they were beginning to decompose).  I do not, I repeat, DO NOT find myself attracted to those guys with the huge muscles with veins popping out, walking like they're carrying invisible little dogs under their arms, with pimply steroid faces (and probably bodies too, blech!)  On the other hand, it was cool to be in a huge crowd of people that are so into fitness.
So when we were beginning to walk around, we got stuck in a crowd of people not moving at all, and saying, "here he comes....there he is....." and then we saw this:
Yeah, so we saw The Governator walking around a few different times, but didn't get good photos or video or anything, but it was still cool. Then the boyfriend and I parted ways, so I could watch Gymnastics and he could watch The Strongman Competition. I got the chills watching these girls do the uneven bars, the balance beam, and the floor routines!


Then I walked around the Expo for a long time, looking at different things they had going on--mostly trying to keep out of everyone's way....I did see a couple of big guys (and one of them happens to be Lou Ferrigno, The Incredible Hulk, but again it wasn't a great picture)

I don't know who this is, but his muscles gross me out!  
 We spent all day long at the Expo, and the boyfriend and I got to stand in lines and get some free stuff, but I can't say I was too awful excited, since almost all of the swag was in the form of various supplements (protein, creatine powders, pills to increase "stamina"). I did, however, get to buy a few packages of Miracle Noodles so I hope to be able to tell you about what those are like. I also found a small company similar to Sweatybands that I ended up getting a couple of hair bands from--one thin one with crabs on it, and a bigger one with stripes. The big one doesn't work for me. I will be doing some small tweaks and making them fit better. I'd recommend going with Sweatybands on this one!!
We finally met up with all the boyfriends' friends, and headed over to Mongolian BBQ to have dinner. If you ever get the chance, you should go there! They have this big round grill-top that they cook all the food on--you fill up a bowl with fresh meat and veggies and such, then make your sauce combo, then they cook it all on that grill in front of you. They yell every time someone puts a raw egg in their bowl, and hit a bell every time it's someone's birthday! And the beer was amazing, after a day spent getting elbowed in the face by bodybuilders (I'm short, just in face/elbow range)!

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I headed over the the gym at Hocking College to work out. It was my first day back running in three weeks (thanks, bronchitis/ear infection/sinus infection). I was able to run 3 miles on the treadmill before I thought I would die. My legs are killing me today, and I think I might have 4 miles on my agenda today. Not sure if my legs are okay with that.

So on to the Tuesday excitement: I just signed up for a three month membership to Stride Box, and am looking forward to getting my box of running stuffs here in the next month or so! I'll be keeping you updated on the excitement!

Until next time!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Week's Excitement

Hello anyone in Blogland that still reads my posts! I have been running my buns off since the last time we talked, training for my next half-marathon on May 4th. Well, I was, right up until I caught the plague/trifecta of ear infection, sinus infection, and bronchitis that has been kicking my ass for the past 2 weeks....I am slowly coming back from that, and hope to be able to start running again next week. Before I got sick, I was up to six miles at a time, running on the treadmill while watching The Biggest Loser. I guess the one benefit of being sick has been that I have plenty of back episodes on Hulu to watch when I get moving again!

And as you all know, I work almost non-stop being a Crisis Mental Health Counselor, as well as a counselor for the local jail, and have been getting things set up for some trainings we'll be doing throughout the year for local law enforcement (Crisis Intervention Team trainings, Advanced CIT, info on Veteran's issues, and a really cool simulation training called Hearing Voices, which is supposed to help show people what it is like to have symptoms of schizophrenia). And I have set up the program with our community center to provide memberships to clients of our agency that deal with significant mental health issues, since it's expensive to join the gym and a lot of our people are on fixed incomes and also have concurrent medical concerns. So, yeah, I'm a busy girl.

I am actually getting ready to head to the jail here soon...

The excitement for this week is that I am going to the Arnold Classic Expo tomorrow in Columbus. And while I'm there, I get to try Zumba, maybe do some Pilates or Yoga, watch cheerleading and gymnastics competitions, meet bodybuilders and MMA fighters, and lots of other stuff...I have never been to it but I am geekily excited!!! So excited that I might get to meet The Governator!!
I'll keep y'all updated on my famous-people sightings, and try and take some pics so you can see it too!)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm a Big Fat Loser sometimes

Hey anyone that still remembers me! It's been way way too long since I've posted, and there are so many lame-o reasons for that that I won't even start getting into them. I suppose the most I can say is that at one point this past year, I realized that nothing worth noting was going on so I just pooped out.

In case you have been waiting all this time to find out what I've been up to:

WOW! You should find some other stuff to do!! LOL!

I am still me, and I still love my boxers, and I still run (sometimes) but it's time to start building back up. I must say, summer in Ohio is a hot, sweaty crapshoot, and I fall victim to the swimming pool and a few beers regularly, which seems to have (partially) gotten in the way of running.

I say partially because:

1) I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig 10k with my sister-in-law in May of this year,


2) I ran/walked the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon two weeks after that,
After the Half!!
3) I did the Warrior Dash again this year (with the boyfriend)
Pre-Warrior Dash!!
Post-Warrior Dash (and mid-banana for me)!
4) I ran the Zombie Buffet 5k in Columbus this fall as well.

So overall, I've run multiple 5k's, one 10k, one 1/2, and multiple fun-runs.
I've also had some changes in living situation, with the boyfriend and one of his childrens moving in, so there's been a lot of situating that's come out of that.

With work, I still work crazy hours doing crisis mental health evaluations, and I do counseling at the local jail. I also set up a program with the local community center to get passes for our clients with severe mental health issues to try and improve health and wellness access. Add on the annual police CIT officer training (for crisis intervention) and it's been a stuffed-full kind of year!

Oh, and My Favorite 2 things of the winter:

1) I finally got a woodburning stove! Finally finally finally, and a chainsaw! And since it's so freaking cold, I have just been keeping that sucker stoked up and as hot as I possibly can,
and (da da da da dummmm)
2) Little brother announced that we'll be expecting a new baby in the summer, so I'll be an auntie again!!

Whew! That was a load of stuff to unload on you! Now, since I've been sick with the flu since Xmas, I will not be working out tonight, but I might be having a brew or two (I'm feeling better today, trust me) before turning in for the night! Big 12 hour day of work tomorrow, here I come!

Walking back to the hotel in Cleveland after the Half!! Woot Woot!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Season of Races

Hi all (all of you that keep reading even though I have abandoned this place for the past few months)! I have been planning my season based on running events (season being now through mid-summer, since it's been in the 70s almost every day for a week, it seems like it's summer already. but I digress.)

I can't remember if I gave you the lineup, so here goes:
1. April 22nd, 5k at Ohio University (more details to follow, it was just posted)
2. May 5th, 10k Flying Pig Cincinnati this will be my first 10k, and I'm running with my sister-in-law, and it will be my big brother's first marathon!!!!!!
3. May 20th, MY FIRST HALF-MARATHON!! The RiteAid Cleveland Half Marathon
4. First Weekend in June, 5k The Warrior Dash
5. August (no date yet) Defend Your Friends 5k, Columbus, benefit for Columbus Humane Society Cruelty Investigation Unit
6. October Zombie Buffet 5k Columbus--looks like crazy fun!
7. Unsure of the Date-Cam and Sue's Cancer Sucks 5k 

I'm sure there will be more in there, these are just the ones I've gotten on the schedule. And I am about 6 weeks into the half-marathon training. It's really amazing, how much I am loving it lately. My longest run so far has been 5 miles, and I was able to do it and not feel like I was dying. I'm supposed to have done 6 miles yesterday, but I ended up hurting my foot a few days ago. It's like there's pain across the bottom outside of my foot (opposite of the arch, if that's possible), but it's getting better over the past few days and I can walk on it. There's no swelling or bruising, so I'm just going to give it another day or so--I had been running on the bike path, so I think maybe the treadmill might be a better way to ease back in, more cushion and such. I know I don't want to do anything to aggravate it and make it worse. This lady likes the running!!

Oh, AND big brother mentioned the other day that he and his wife will decide before the 10k whether or not they will be doing the Disney Half and Full in January 2013---and if so, I am invited. We can stay at the Wyndham timeshare in Orlando (we did this 2 years ago when big bro did the Disney Half), and I'll only have to pay for the Half and for plane tickets and food. Big bro is crazy, though, and plans to do the Half with us, then the Full the next day!! WTF??? 

I am still working a lot and playing a lot--I went to the outdoor range yesterday and did some target shooting--let me tell you, I had so much fun. But here's the real question: how many of you would consider putting your used target on the front door to discourage break-ins? (I did not actually do this, but I did consider it!) PS, I'm becoming a much better shot!

What races are you guys planning for this season??

PSS--I decided to run 5k the other day to look at my times--I couldn't believe it, but I got a 5k PR of 34:30, which is just over 5 minutes off of the Beach 5k in September last year! What a rush!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Been a Long Time

Hi all,

I know it has been a couple of months since my last post, and a lot of things have happened. Things got so crazy that I needed to break away for awhile and just take care of myself. But I'm making an effort now, today, to get back into posting, and trying to keep myself accountable for my running/training.
Let me start with the biggest thing. In November, the love of my life, Bella, got really sick and was on IV fluids for days, and I had to make the hardest decision that any pet owner has to make. I had to have her put to sleep, and it devastated my entire world.
How do you say goodbye to your best friend?
I think I kind of shut down for awhile. I just couldn't deal, and it's still really hard to talk about. She was my first dog (MY dog, not family dog) and my heart just broke. She was my family for the time that I got with her, and I really miss her.
When I lost Bella, I decided that I needed to try and re-focus, so I started running with Abby, my other boxer. We started with one mile at a time, with walk breaks of course, since she has to pee all over everything. It was really therapeutic to go out and just tune out of things for awhile. (FYI--it's hard to run and sob at the same time for me=good therapy). We have worked our way up to 3 miles, more or less, at a time.

Another kick in the stomach was that my right arm started hurting in November, the one I broke skateboarding 5+ years ago.
Before surgery--eew!!

After surgery--eew!!

I got it checked out, and the orthopedic surgeon said that I needed the metal bars and bolts taken out of my arm. Apparently it is somewhat common to have to remove hardware years down the road, and so January 5th, I had surgery to remove 1/2 of the metal--oh yeah, because there was metal on both bones of my forearm, I could only have one side done at a time (so the bone will have time to heal between surgeries, or else I could break it again doing just about anything)! So I had the surgery, which has put me out of running for most of 3 weeks (no can do, running with an arm wrapped with 5 lb. of bandages and swollen to 3x the normal size!). I have gone out once, and was able to do 1.25 miles, and plan to go out today and try for at least 2, if not more. Prior to the surgery, I was doing 3.5-4 miles at a time (Abby would do the first 2-ish, then I take her home and go back out). Also, she has made me faster, and I'm now doing approximately 11:30-11:50 miles!! Woot woot!

So with Debby Downer out of the way, I will bring you the positives of my "sabbatical" (haha):
1. I got very ambitious and have already signed up for some different races for 2012. I have signed up for the Cincinnati Flying Pig 10k on May 5th, which I will be running with my sister-in-law (big brother is doing his first marathon that weekend too!!) I also signed up for the Warrior Dash on June 2 and am working to recruit other people to run it with me!! The most difficult of my goals is to run the Athens (Ohio) Half Marathon on April 1st. I planned that one prior to finding out I had to have surgery, so I'm a bit behind on training at this point, but I'm gonna figure it out--I will complete it, it's just a question of how much I may have to walk during it too, but I'm not too worried about that part--I still have 9 weeks to train. I worry that I'll have lost too much ground being off for 3 weeks, but I guess that is something I'll have to deal with.
2. I decided earlier this month that it might be a good idea to consider adopting another dog, since Abby is home on her own while I'm at work. I went on Petfinder (which I do occasionally, just to see. Like window shopping, in a weird kind of way) and found a male boxer named Percy, who was at a shelter about 2 1/2 hours away. He was super-skinny, 41 lbs, and they thought he was about 6 years old--normal size for him would be 65-70 lbs. I went to see him and of course fell in love--he is a white boxer, but I don't think he looks anything like Bella (despite what the vet says!). I brought him home on Thursday last week, so he's been here for 4 days and is settling in fine, except for an intense fixation on the cat. He doesn't hurt her, just smells her somewhat roughly, pokes her with his snoot, and she gets mad and swats and hisses. He just looks shocked when that happens.
Percy smiles in his sleep
I go back and forth emotionally with whether it was the right decision to make, getting another dog so soon after losing Bella. I'm just trying to work with it day by day.

I go back to work in 3 days, after I get the OK from the doctor. Oh yeah, and 6 months-to-1 year from now, I get to have the other surgery to remove the other hardware from my arm, so I get to do this all over again...

Well, time to get on the running tights, long sleeves, and shoes, and get back in the game! Look forward to catching up with what everyone's been up to!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bunch of News

Hello all,
Just another quick post (turns out my last post was October 5th....seems I've been slacking on the blogging...oops! In other news, work work working sucks!!!) Anywhoo, I don't know that I've blogged since I got my new Garmin, but I must say it is the most amazing running purchase (other than my shoes) that I've ever made!!
I love it! I've noticed that I head out running too fast (surprise surprise)...I can pretty much maintain 12-12:30 if I start slow, but most of the time I'll look down and be more towards 11 or less (which is good, but not to maintain at right now...) So Garmin's making me slow down. Not soon enough though, since today at about mile 2.5 I started having some pain in my right hip. I stopped and walked, and stretched. And walked and stretched...but I also completed the longest run I've done so far, which brings us to:
THE CUPCAKE CLASSIC 3.7 in celebration of Jess' birthday!
 I had planned to roll this race into another 5k that was happening in the area, but I was a lazy bum and didn't get out of bed on time (yes, I know sleeping in is nice. Oversleeping a 12 noon alarm=not so nice.) So I went out on my own, on the bike path just outside of town. Amazing weather, just cool enough to appreciate long sleeves, but warm enough to not freeze in the running capri's. I decided recently to revisit some music from my 'younger' days, so I put on Hole's 'Live Through This' album and took off.
I just tried to link my run from Garmin Training Center to here. Obviously not a success, but here is the stuff anyway:
Overall total for 3.7 miles--48:36, average of 13:08 pace/mile.
Mile 1=11:53
Mile 2= 12:41
Mile 3=13:48
Mile .7=14.39
So's you can see where things started going downhill with the bum hip....(Can I get an 'Ice that Hip?' How's about a 'Roll that Hip?')
So obviously I have work to do, but for today I am happy. And wishing a happy happy birthday to Jess!
I really love the Virtual Races that people are putting out there! Kiley at Daily Vitamin F will be having multiple upcoming Holiday Virtual Races that I'm pumped for!
To finish up this long overdue post, I will share with you my most proud moment of the running season so far:
Post Warrior Dash Amazement
And you're welcome for all of the random.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Quick Note

Hello all! Just wanted to do a quick update since it's been a couple weeks.
  1. I just signed up to do a virtual race for Run With Jess' birthday! It is a 3.7 mile virtual race, in honor of her 37th birthday (and in honor of cupcakes-yum!)   It's going on the week of October 17-23rd, and I think everyone should go sign up! Running, birthdays, and cupcakes--doesn't get much better. My birthday is the week before (I'll be the Big 33), and I'm thinking pumpkin muffins will be in order...
  2. Got the Garmin, and I think I'm in love. We'll be getting married in the near future. Watch the mailbox for your invite...
  3. As a direct result of the Garms, I managed to run a 12-something average. I caught myself many times pushing it in the 11's, and was able to slow myself down so I did much less walking! Hello, endurance, nice to finally start meeting up with you...
  4. OMG--I forgot to tell you guys I graduated! (from physical therapy, that is). I went back after vacation, and the chiro said I'm good and only need to come back if things start acting up!! Finally I am going to be able to put this car-accident stuff  behind me!
  5. Can't remember if I mentioned it, but I am planning to run a 10k with my sister-in-law in May 2012--I know I have a boatload of time to work up to it, but big bro just sent me the email that they'd signed up (and hotel arrangements), so I can get everything in line. (Hmmm, do I overplan? Yes. Yes I do.) Cincinnati Flying Pig 10k, here I come.
There are a few other 5k's coming up in the next few months that I'm fitting into my schedule. I'll keep you updated....besides that, work's been stressful and non-stop, and I've been loving it--sometimes it's just nice to get home from work and fall into bed. Feels like I'm doing some people some good....

And even though I haven't been posting, I have been creep-stalking all of you, and am so inspired by the great things everyone's doing this summer/fall. Love love love hearing about your runs and races! (and everything else)