Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bunch of News

Hello all,
Just another quick post (turns out my last post was October 5th....seems I've been slacking on the blogging...oops! In other news, work work working sucks!!!) Anywhoo, I don't know that I've blogged since I got my new Garmin, but I must say it is the most amazing running purchase (other than my shoes) that I've ever made!!
I love it! I've noticed that I head out running too fast (surprise surprise)...I can pretty much maintain 12-12:30 if I start slow, but most of the time I'll look down and be more towards 11 or less (which is good, but not to maintain at right now...) So Garmin's making me slow down. Not soon enough though, since today at about mile 2.5 I started having some pain in my right hip. I stopped and walked, and stretched. And walked and stretched...but I also completed the longest run I've done so far, which brings us to:
THE CUPCAKE CLASSIC 3.7 in celebration of Jess' birthday!
 I had planned to roll this race into another 5k that was happening in the area, but I was a lazy bum and didn't get out of bed on time (yes, I know sleeping in is nice. Oversleeping a 12 noon alarm=not so nice.) So I went out on my own, on the bike path just outside of town. Amazing weather, just cool enough to appreciate long sleeves, but warm enough to not freeze in the running capri's. I decided recently to revisit some music from my 'younger' days, so I put on Hole's 'Live Through This' album and took off.
I just tried to link my run from Garmin Training Center to here. Obviously not a success, but here is the stuff anyway:
Overall total for 3.7 miles--48:36, average of 13:08 pace/mile.
Mile 1=11:53
Mile 2= 12:41
Mile 3=13:48
Mile .7=14.39
So's you can see where things started going downhill with the bum hip....(Can I get an 'Ice that Hip?' How's about a 'Roll that Hip?')
So obviously I have work to do, but for today I am happy. And wishing a happy happy birthday to Jess!
I really love the Virtual Races that people are putting out there! Kiley at Daily Vitamin F will be having multiple upcoming Holiday Virtual Races that I'm pumped for!
To finish up this long overdue post, I will share with you my most proud moment of the running season so far:
Post Warrior Dash Amazement
And you're welcome for all of the random.



  1. I'm so jealous that you got to do a warrior dash! I was going to do the one in Manchester TN in September but wasn't able to because of work.

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