Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Quick Note

Hello all! Just wanted to do a quick update since it's been a couple weeks.
  1. I just signed up to do a virtual race for Run With Jess' birthday! It is a 3.7 mile virtual race, in honor of her 37th birthday (and in honor of cupcakes-yum!)   It's going on the week of October 17-23rd, and I think everyone should go sign up! Running, birthdays, and cupcakes--doesn't get much better. My birthday is the week before (I'll be the Big 33), and I'm thinking pumpkin muffins will be in order...
  2. Got the Garmin, and I think I'm in love. We'll be getting married in the near future. Watch the mailbox for your invite...
  3. As a direct result of the Garms, I managed to run a 12-something average. I caught myself many times pushing it in the 11's, and was able to slow myself down so I did much less walking! Hello, endurance, nice to finally start meeting up with you...
  4. OMG--I forgot to tell you guys I graduated! (from physical therapy, that is). I went back after vacation, and the chiro said I'm good and only need to come back if things start acting up!! Finally I am going to be able to put this car-accident stuff  behind me!
  5. Can't remember if I mentioned it, but I am planning to run a 10k with my sister-in-law in May 2012--I know I have a boatload of time to work up to it, but big bro just sent me the email that they'd signed up (and hotel arrangements), so I can get everything in line. (Hmmm, do I overplan? Yes. Yes I do.) Cincinnati Flying Pig 10k, here I come.
There are a few other 5k's coming up in the next few months that I'm fitting into my schedule. I'll keep you updated....besides that, work's been stressful and non-stop, and I've been loving it--sometimes it's just nice to get home from work and fall into bed. Feels like I'm doing some people some good....

And even though I haven't been posting, I have been creep-stalking all of you, and am so inspired by the great things everyone's doing this summer/fall. Love love love hearing about your runs and races! (and everything else)



  1. yeah!!! i am so excited to run that virtual race as well! and seriously awesome that you and fam are going to be doing the 10k next May!!!! love having big races to look forward to :) and glad to hear you are doing better from the car accident!

  2. Oh I want a Garmin soooo bad!!! Yuuum cupcakes, I might have to make some now :-) Congrats on the graduation!!