Monday, March 19, 2012

A Season of Races

Hi all (all of you that keep reading even though I have abandoned this place for the past few months)! I have been planning my season based on running events (season being now through mid-summer, since it's been in the 70s almost every day for a week, it seems like it's summer already. but I digress.)

I can't remember if I gave you the lineup, so here goes:
1. April 22nd, 5k at Ohio University (more details to follow, it was just posted)
2. May 5th, 10k Flying Pig Cincinnati this will be my first 10k, and I'm running with my sister-in-law, and it will be my big brother's first marathon!!!!!!
3. May 20th, MY FIRST HALF-MARATHON!! The RiteAid Cleveland Half Marathon
4. First Weekend in June, 5k The Warrior Dash
5. August (no date yet) Defend Your Friends 5k, Columbus, benefit for Columbus Humane Society Cruelty Investigation Unit
6. October Zombie Buffet 5k Columbus--looks like crazy fun!
7. Unsure of the Date-Cam and Sue's Cancer Sucks 5k 

I'm sure there will be more in there, these are just the ones I've gotten on the schedule. And I am about 6 weeks into the half-marathon training. It's really amazing, how much I am loving it lately. My longest run so far has been 5 miles, and I was able to do it and not feel like I was dying. I'm supposed to have done 6 miles yesterday, but I ended up hurting my foot a few days ago. It's like there's pain across the bottom outside of my foot (opposite of the arch, if that's possible), but it's getting better over the past few days and I can walk on it. There's no swelling or bruising, so I'm just going to give it another day or so--I had been running on the bike path, so I think maybe the treadmill might be a better way to ease back in, more cushion and such. I know I don't want to do anything to aggravate it and make it worse. This lady likes the running!!

Oh, AND big brother mentioned the other day that he and his wife will decide before the 10k whether or not they will be doing the Disney Half and Full in January 2013---and if so, I am invited. We can stay at the Wyndham timeshare in Orlando (we did this 2 years ago when big bro did the Disney Half), and I'll only have to pay for the Half and for plane tickets and food. Big bro is crazy, though, and plans to do the Half with us, then the Full the next day!! WTF??? 

I am still working a lot and playing a lot--I went to the outdoor range yesterday and did some target shooting--let me tell you, I had so much fun. But here's the real question: how many of you would consider putting your used target on the front door to discourage break-ins? (I did not actually do this, but I did consider it!) PS, I'm becoming a much better shot!

What races are you guys planning for this season??

PSS--I decided to run 5k the other day to look at my times--I couldn't believe it, but I got a 5k PR of 34:30, which is just over 5 minutes off of the Beach 5k in September last year! What a rush!!


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