Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm a Big Fat Loser sometimes

Hey anyone that still remembers me! It's been way way too long since I've posted, and there are so many lame-o reasons for that that I won't even start getting into them. I suppose the most I can say is that at one point this past year, I realized that nothing worth noting was going on so I just pooped out.

In case you have been waiting all this time to find out what I've been up to:

WOW! You should find some other stuff to do!! LOL!

I am still me, and I still love my boxers, and I still run (sometimes) but it's time to start building back up. I must say, summer in Ohio is a hot, sweaty crapshoot, and I fall victim to the swimming pool and a few beers regularly, which seems to have (partially) gotten in the way of running.

I say partially because:

1) I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig 10k with my sister-in-law in May of this year,


2) I ran/walked the Cleveland 1/2 Marathon two weeks after that,
After the Half!!
3) I did the Warrior Dash again this year (with the boyfriend)
Pre-Warrior Dash!!
Post-Warrior Dash (and mid-banana for me)!
4) I ran the Zombie Buffet 5k in Columbus this fall as well.

So overall, I've run multiple 5k's, one 10k, one 1/2, and multiple fun-runs.
I've also had some changes in living situation, with the boyfriend and one of his childrens moving in, so there's been a lot of situating that's come out of that.

With work, I still work crazy hours doing crisis mental health evaluations, and I do counseling at the local jail. I also set up a program with the local community center to get passes for our clients with severe mental health issues to try and improve health and wellness access. Add on the annual police CIT officer training (for crisis intervention) and it's been a stuffed-full kind of year!

Oh, and My Favorite 2 things of the winter:

1) I finally got a woodburning stove! Finally finally finally, and a chainsaw! And since it's so freaking cold, I have just been keeping that sucker stoked up and as hot as I possibly can,
and (da da da da dummmm)
2) Little brother announced that we'll be expecting a new baby in the summer, so I'll be an auntie again!!

Whew! That was a load of stuff to unload on you! Now, since I've been sick with the flu since Xmas, I will not be working out tonight, but I might be having a brew or two (I'm feeling better today, trust me) before turning in for the night! Big 12 hour day of work tomorrow, here I come!

Walking back to the hotel in Cleveland after the Half!! Woot Woot!!

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